Church-wide Survey

League members & Non-League members

Anyone with any interest in bowling to help determine the future structure for Crosswind Bowling

The Spring League will start in early February and run thru May, possible ending the first week of June.

We will most likely bowl every-other week in February, then later in March start 2 weeks on and 1 week off until 11 matches have been completed.

2022 Fall 10 Pin League
Conclusion Survey

Anyone who bowled in the Fall League

For those who bowled in the Fall Leage, this very short questionaire will help with future bowling leagues.

2023 Spring 10 Pin League
enrollment questionaire

Anyone interested in bowling in the 2023 Spring 10 League

2023 pricing was $11/person/match including shoes.

The Scheduled Dates are:


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Survey Results

2022 Spring 10 Pin League Conclusion

(Current Spring League Members)