Final Stats-Congrats to Strike Force 2023 Champs!

Spring 2022 Season Pics

Spring 2023 Results

Strike Force, Charles Distefano & Tommy Franey - Champs
2023 Spring League

Crosswind 10 Pin Bowling League

Interested in Bowling? Let us know who you are!

The Crosswind Bowling League is an extension of the Small Group program, and we will bowl at South Hanover Lanes.

It was originally conceived in 2021 by 6 couples that like to bowl and wanted to try an every-other week 'date night' with our spouses and friends. We decided to bowl 8 matches covering 16 weeks, and South Hanover Lanes was kind enough to treat us as a league which reduced the price.

Effective following the Spring of 2022

Per the lanes, in the event that you needed to miss a league night, you can pre-bowl your frames at another time during the week prior to the night you need to miss. Post-bowling frames is discouraged.

Spring of 2023 League Structure:

Spring 2022 Results

Larry and Dawn Kaskel - Champs
Season Team Average: 140
27 Wins, 3 Losses
Highest Team Match Average: 148
Highest Game-Dawn: 169
Highest Game-Larry: 192
2022 Spring League