(Photos from the Spring 2021 Session)

Winter/Spring 2022 League starts Friday February 4th!

Finally! I know a number of us have been counting the days. With the 2022 Season less than 1 month away, we will need to know your commitment by January 31st.
These are the currently planned dates. We have 10 dates listed, however, based on the number of participants and final league structure it may drop to 9 or 8. 10 will be a maximum.

Schedule - scroll throught Team Stats to see confirmed participants


Crosswind 10 Pin Bowling League

The Crosswind Bowling League is an extension of the Small Group program, and we will bowl at South Hanover Lanes.

It was originally conceived by 6 couples that like to bowl and wanted to try an every-other week 'date night' with our spouses and friends. We decided to bowl 8 matches covering 16 weeks, and South Hanover Lanes was kind enough to treat us as a league which reduced the price.

Starting in February 2022, we will have our league night on every-other Friday. The details for 2022 are as follows:

  • $10.00 per person per night, including shoes. Total for the league term to be paid to South Hanover Lanes on or before the first night.
  • Each match night will consist of 3 games (so a couple for example, would play 3 for him and 3 for her, with all 6 of those games comprising the team score for the night)
  • We will keep the total match count for the season to 10 or less. That way, we can limit the cost per couple to a maximum of $200.00 (10 matches at $10/match x 2 for a couple = $200.00). The exact match number will be determined after we have a total team count. If possible, we will try to impliment a round-robin formula so that everybody has a chance to play Rod (haha), I mean everybody has a chance to play everybody!
  • The last night includes pizza served during the game at no extra charge, compliments of South Hanover Lanes.
  • In the event that you need to miss a league night, you can bowl your frames at another time during the week either before or after the night you miss.
  • Should you decide to be a part of the league, you will be invited to the private Facebook Group where we can all talk 'smack'...

Everyone from the spring of 2021 wants to participate in the winter/spring season in 2022. The dates are listed under "2022 Schedule" on this page.

Join us for a great time in 2022!

Spring 2021 Results

Charles & Mecca DiStefano Season Champs
Season Team Average: 124
17 Wins, 7 Losses
Highest Team Game: 137
Highest Game-Mecca: 133
Highest Game-Charles: 213
2021 Final Pic
(Left to Right)
Victor & Diana Wilson, "Minds in the Gutter" Season Average 120
Rod & Sherrie Harrison, "Let's Roll" Season Average 123
Chris & Elyssa Kaskel, "Pizza Bowli's" Season Average 102
Charles & Mecca DiStefano, "Strike Force" Season Average 124
Joel & Debbie Brengle, "Time to Spare" Season Average 105
Tim & Hilary Warner, "Les Miserabowls" Season Average 103

2022 Schedule & Stats